“Lisa is always organized, has a plan, and doesn’t take short cuts, ever. She also has not slowed down in our years of working together and still has the same dedication and work ethic as she did on day one.”

Martin Schoeller, Photographer/Director

“Lisa is absolutely unflappable under stress, peerlessly nimble in problem solving, ingenious at honing existing systems to their most efficient iterations, andinspired in the way that she considers a situation and offers solutions three levels above the obvious next step.”

Krista Prestek, Creative Director, Photography @ Apple

“Lisa is a true gem… She is incredibly smart, hard-working, reliable and an absolute joy to collaborate with. A concise and clear communicator, she keeps the broad scope in mind while also caring about the small details, and has a knack for breaking down large initiatives into manageable pieces.”

Jessie Wender, Photo Editor @ The New York Times